About Us

Hendriix Halos is a Black Luxury brand founded in the Bronx, New York with Jamaican roots bringing forth an integrative collision of ever-evolving fashion and creative expression. Your halo is a representation of your aura and we believe that what you wear and you carry yourself helps to enhance how great we feel!

In the world of Hendriix Halos, we believe you should thrive unapologetically - it's a different feeling when you throw that drip on and the world can feel it! Your one stop shop for everything from apparel to footwear, Hendriix Halos got you covered! 


HH was also founded on the fundamental principle of positive use of the marijuana plant as an herb & the endless possibilities of how it can be used. We have provided a line of CBD products, in addition to creative collections brought to you by popular demand!

Now that marijuana has become decriminalized in some states, we believe it should be removed as a Schedule 1 Drug and marijuana convictions should be overturned.

Check out our CBD Line at the link below: 


Hendriix Halos is not brand, but a lifestyle.